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Honey Bee Swarm Removal Redditch, Bromsgrove and Worcestershire

Honey Bee Swarm Collection

Honey Bee Swarming seasons runs in the United Kingdom between May and the end of July each year.

Honey Bee Swarms are rarely aggressive and are a natural feature of a Bee colonies lifecycle. Swarms can though appear frightening. Swarms often form and attach themselves to bushes, trees, garden sheds, birds boxes and in all manner of situations. When bees cluster like this they are normally deciding where to go next and can often move on as quickly as they gathered.

We are available to retrieve Honey Bee Swarms throughout the Summer and can normally provide this service free of charge.

We are able to rehome swarms and remove them to a safe location where they will most likely go one to be a successful and happy colony.

If you think you have a Honey Bee Swarm that you think needs collecting feel free to call Colin on 07464 474 735.

Colin Davenport

Hi I'm Colin Davenport and I'm the owner of Bee Marvellous Ltd. I'm passionate about Honey Bees and operate Apiaries dotted around Worcestershire in the United Kingdom. I offer a number of Bee products and services such as Honey, Bees Wax, Pollination Services and Bee Hosting. You can buy my Honey directly from this site. If you have any questions about Bee Marvellous and its services feel free to get in touch at the sites contact page.

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